How to create the perfect cheese board

How to create the perfect cheese board

Firstly think about your guests, how many will be sharing, particular likes or dislikes, dietary needs. If the cheese board is a course of a dinner party, then allow for 100g of cheese per person. If it's to end the meal after you've had a substantial meal then we'd suggest 60g/person is adequate.

Select up to a maximum of five cheeses, three will often do. Select a Hard - such as a farmhouse cheddar or a Comté; a Blue - which can be hard or soft depending upon your liking (I prefer a softer blue that can be spread like paste); a Semi-hard cheese which may be blended to give other interest (this could be a firm goat or sheep cheese); select a Soft brie style cheese that isn't too overpowering; and finally a delicate Fresh or Soft goat/sheep cheese (often 100g buttons or pyramids).

Ensure you have selected at least one vegetarian cheese. Try and select some different shapes and sizes of cheese - this creates interest.

Select an appropriate sized board or slate to present your cheese. We would encourage you to add some fruit (fresh figs, medjool dates, apricots, pear, apple) and nuts to the board; along with a small ramekin of olives; so the board needs to be large enough.

Bread is probably not needed at the end of a dinner party, although rye bread cut thinly works well. Simple good quality crackers are a must.

Charcuterie can be added if your board is more of a sharing platter. Select good quality meat, ideally with an AOC or PDO certification. Wafer thin ham, such as ibérico or prosciutto is great for a sharing board before a BBQ.

When you arrange your board, ensure your cheese comes to room temperature; so bring it out of the fridge and unwrap it a good couple of hours before your guests arrive. Personally, I leave blue and hard cheese out for several hours before a feast. (In my cheese cupboard I usually find a chunk of blue awaiting to be spread on a cracker which could be a week out of the fridge.)

If you've chosen a ripe Brie style cheese, this will hopefully ooze, so allow it a little space to roam.

I think that is about it...... any other suggestions, please leave a comment below, it will be warmly received :)


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