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The Lancashire Cheese Board

The Lancashire Cheese Board

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Inside the Lancashire Cheese Box (our newest county cheeseboard creation) you will find the following delicious cheese to feast on,

200g of Northern Brie
230g of Lancashire Bomb
100g of Mrs Kirkhams,

Cheese has been produced in Lancashire according to many sources since the 13th century. There are 3 distinct varieties that make this county famous for its cheese. Creamy Lancashire and Tasty Lancashire are both made traditionally by collecting milk for several days having been curdled on each day and once enough milk has been accumulated the cheese is then made. The difference between these two productions is that the Tasty Lancashire variety is matured for longer from between 12 weeks and up to 24 months. The third variety made famous by this historic county was created midway through the 20th Century known as Crumbly Lancashire. The milk to make this type of cheese is collected on a single day and it tends to be matured for 6-8 weeks resembling a similar flavour to a Cheshire or Wensleydale cheese. 

We've been inspired to create this cheese board as many of our customers enjoy the Lancashire cheese range we keep within our cheese counter. We hope you enjoy this selection and we look forward to creating 4 new county cheese boards in 2024 and we'll start by exploring the cheese of Yorkshire in January :D

We deliver nationwide or you can collect from our shop in Washington, West Sussex.
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This box caters for 4 - 6 people and we will ensure to cut the cheese as close to the gram as we can.

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